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  • X9R Marauder Brightest Flashlight


    X9R Marauder Brightest Flashlight

    • $600.00

    Product Description

    • Highest brightness level Olight ever produced reaching a max output of 25,000 lumens
    • Smart output control to prevent overheating - Proximity sensors that drop the output automatically when the flashlight head approaches a nearby object or the temperature gets too hot
    • Battery level display while indicating an 8-level output selection
    • Improved built-in heat dissipation system design for more effective cooling of the flashlight body
    • Ergonomic design - Milled finger grooves, shoulder strap and concealable strap hole for convenient and comfortable use
    • The X9R is a culmination of several years of research and development to create the highest-level illumination tool ever built by Olight.
    • The 25,000-lumen output is produced by 6 brand new XHP70.2 LED’s for maximum flood and throws performance.
    • The X9R comes in a large hard-shell case that can be equipped with locks and features a pressure release dial on the front to protect the light from high elevation and large temperature changes in transit.
    • The X9R comes with a removable battery pack, home charger, car charger, shoulder strap, and retainer ring for anti-roll. We are proud of our years of hard work and dedication to produce one of the highest performance/quality and technically advanced flashlights in the world. We hope you enjoy it.

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