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  • Wombat Whistle/Vial Accessory Kit


    Wombat Whistle/Vial Accessory Kit

    • $6.99

    Product Description

    Add to your peace of mind when in the outdoors by carrying the Wombat Whistle/Vial Accessory Kit with you. Clip the whistle/vial on your Firebiner or Fire Escape, store a tinder tab and an extra ferro rod or two inside, and you are set.

    • Custom molded, high-pitched, loud Wombat Whistle made from highly durable POM plastic
    • Wombat Whistle also has a watertight vial to keep your fire-starter dry and/or contained. For use with wet or dry fire-starter
    • Screwdriver tool to adjust the tension on the Firebiner ferro rod or to replace the rod
    • Screwdriver tool also doubles as a convenient mini-Reflector
    • 3 TinderQuiks that are made in the USA, excellent tinder tabs that light up easily and burn long
    • Barrel swivel clip and split ring to keep everything together and attached to your Firebiner or Fire Escape

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