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  • WheelGunner Belt Holster WG196

    SKU: GAL-WG196

    WheelGunner Belt Holster WG196

    SKU: GAL-WG196
    • $94.00

    Product Description

    Galco's extremely versatile new WheelGunner offers ambidextrous design as well as the ability to be used strong side or crossdraw. Suitable for both casual concealment and outdoor sportsman's carry, the WheelGunner carries a medium- or large-frame revolver high and close to the body. Using an innovative belt slide system, the WheelGunner can be used for both strongside or crossdraw carry. Fully ambidextrous, the WheelGunner allows carry in four different positions, simply by unsnapping the holster from the belt slide, moving the belt slide to different locations on the belt, and reattaching the holster. Strongside or crossdraw on either right or left sides, the WheelGunner does it all! The WheelGunner secures the revolver with a combination of hand molding and an adjustable hammer thong. Simply slip the hammer thong off and the gun is cleared for a fast, smooth draw. Constructed of premium saddle leather, the ambidextrous WheelGunner fits belts up to 1 3/4 and is available for single- and double-action revolvers in tan color.
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