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  • Triton 2.0 Kydex IWB Holster TR158

    SKU: GAL-TR158

    Triton 2.0 Kydex IWB Holster TR158

    SKU: GAL-TR158
    • $72.00

    Product Description

    Constructed of durable, virtually maintenance-free Kydex, the Triton 2.0 is fast on the draw, slender in profile, and easy to conceal. The firm holster body allows a smooth and easy return to the holster after the draw, while the raised sweat guard protects the pistol from corrosive perspiration - and also protects the wearer's skin from hard steel! The improved Triton 2.0's belt clips are adjustable for cant, making it suitable for the strongside, crossdraw, or appendix carry positions. The Triton 2.0 is supplied with two types of interchangeable tuckable clips. The first is the UniClip, designed to go over the belt, but which also works well without a belt. The second is the Ultimate Stealth clip with hook, which fits on the trouser waistband, under or behind a belt with just the clip showing, for the ultimate in stealthy concealment!
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