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  • Tacx Boost Bundle Bike Trainer

    SKU: 010-02419-02

    Tacx Boost Bundle Bike Trainer

    SKU: 010-02419-02
    • $329.99

    Product Description

    The Tacx Boost indoor trainer is easy, affordable and quiet. Now you can keep your training going year-round while tracking how far and how fast and even train with your favorite app.
    • This tiny sensor knows a lot. It gives you speed and distance for indoor rides.
    • Crank it up. Manually control resistance with 10 levels and up to 1,050 watts.
    • Work out without waking the whole household.
    • Super simple setup. It’s ready in two clicks. Promise.
    • Get a realistic ride feel from an actual flywheel.
    • Included front wheel support makes it easy to move and store.

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