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  • Supersonic Hair Dryer White/Silver

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    Intelligent heat control for shine
    The exit airflow temperature is measured 20 times a second and regulated by a microprocessor. Heat is controlled intelligently helping to prevent extreme heat damage.

    Fast drying
    The Dyson motor V9 is small fast and light. And with Air Multiplier technology airflow is amplified by 3 times.

    Light and balanced
    Its the only manufactured hair dryer with the motor in the handle not the head. This has allowed us to completely rethink its layout and engineer it for balance.

    Smoothing nozzle
    The Dyson Smoothing nozzle has been engineered to produce gentle low-velocity airflow that dries and styles at the same time.

    Magnetic attachments
    The only hair dryer with magnetic attachments for easy fitting and rotation.

    • Helps prevent extreme heat damage - air temperature measured 20x every second for precise control
    • Fast drying you need is controlled with high velocity airflow
    • Engineered for balance with the motor placed in the handle
    • Uses Dyson digital motor V9 that spins up to 110000x a minute
    • Intelligent heat control
    • Magnetic attachments to adjust styling quickly and easily
    • 3 Speed settings: Fast drying Regular drying and Gentle drying
    • 4 Heat settings: 212F (Fast) 176F (Regular) 140F (Gentle) and Constant cold
    • Easy to clean filter
    • Ionizer technology to help reduce static
    • Powerful 1600 watts
    • Includes:
      • Smoothing Nozzle - dries hair gently with smooth wide air
      • Diffuser - disperses air evenly around curls to reduce frizz and improve definition
      • Styling Concentrator - shape your hair one section at a time without disturbing the rest
      • Non-slip mat
      • Storage hanger