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  • Sonos Sub Mini

    Sonos Sub Mini
    Sonos Sub Mini

    Sonos Sub Mini

    • $429.00

    Product Description

    Deepen your enjoyment of TV, music, and more with bold bass when you pair Sub Mini with Beam, Ray, One, or One SL. Place it anywhere in the room, breeze through setup with help from the Sonos app, and experience richer, more immersive sound without any buzz or rattle.
    • Mix and match Sonos speakers to create a wireless sound system for immersive home theater, multiroom listening, and more.
    • Dual force-canceling woofers generate surprisingly deep, dynamic low end with no buzz or rattle so you feel more immersed in every scene and song.
    • Advanced processing further enhances the acoustics, reproducing the full-tuned low frequencies expected from a much larger subwoofer.
    • Trueplay tuning technology optimizes the bass for the unique acoustics of your space so it never sounds harsh, muddy, or flat.
    • Enjoy quick and easy setup with just a single power cable and help from the Sonos app.
    • Effortlessly control the sound. The volume automatically adjusts along with your paired speaker or soundbar, and you can use the Sonos app to customize the EQ.
    • The 5 GHz WiFi connection enhances audio transmission speed so you can enjoy high-quality sound synced with your Sonos soundbar and TV.
    • The unique cylindrical design looks at home in your home, blending in beside your furniture or hiding underneath it.

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