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  • Silhouette High Ride Holster SIL104

    SKU: GAL-SIL104

    Silhouette High Ride Holster SIL104

    SKU: GAL-SIL104
    • $112.00

    Product Description

    Compact, concealable, secure and versatile, the open-muzzle design of the Silhouette makes it a favorite of gun carriers who own multiple barrel lengths of the same firearm model. Hand-molded to fit specific handgun frames, the Silhouette features a reinforced thumb break for security, firing grip accessibility for speed, double-stitched seams for durability, and covered trigger guard for safety. The retention strap configuration is specific to individual firearms types, and varies depending on firearm model. The high riding Silhouette holster is constructed of premium saddle leather and is made to fit belts up to 1 3/4. Its unique two-piece construction is contoured on the body side to the natural curve of the hip, keeping all the molding on the front of the holster, allowing for significantly more comfortable carry and a narrower profile than an ordinary pancake type holster.
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