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  • Response XR1 Headlamp

    SKU: 53401-019-1SZ

    Response XR1 Headlamp

    SKU: 53401-019-1SZ
    • $80.00

    Product Description

    Whether you're sorting gear in the field, conducting SSE (Sensitive Site Exploitation) at a target location, or navigating an urban area in a blackout, you need a good light. You also need your hands free. The Response HL XR1 is what you need for these and other missions. This powerful but unobtrusive wearable headlamp can throw significant illumination for long periods upon command, but is small and light enough to ride easily in an EDC pack or utility pouch until needed. The Response HL XR1 pushes a thousand lumens at peak spot mode, with a two hour runtime. Switch it to flood mode with its independent light controls and get six hours of runtime. Rotate the lights as needed, and use the red COB light element to retain your night vision or reduce your working signature in the dark. Need to switch to a more direct manipulation? The headlamp is removable so you can use it as a right angle light.

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