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  • Rechargeable Battery

    SKU: FENI-ARB-L18-2600U

    Rechargeable Battery

    SKU: FENI-ARB-L18-2600U
    • $16.00

    Product Description

    • Pressure vents to prevent explosions 500 charge cycles Protection circuitry to prevent short circuits
    • ARB-L18-2600U is a high capacity 18650 Li-ion rechargeable battery with a built-in micro-USB charging port. It also includes a protection circuit in the anode to help prevent short circuits, over charge/discharge and over heating. This battery can quickly be charged without the need for a separate charger. This not only save you money from purchasing a charger, but also convenience of not having to carry around another device. This will work in all of the current models that utilize a li-ion 18650 battery, including best sellers like the PD35 V2.0, PD35TAC, TK20R, TK75, TK15UE, and more.

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