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  • RazorMega Rechargeable 20100mAh Power Bank


    RazorMega Rechargeable 20100mAh Power Bank

    • $69.99

    Product Detail

    • The RazorMega power bank lets you charge your phone again and again and again
    • Extend talking texting browsing and gaming with a high capacity power bank
    • Provides up to 10x extra battery
    • Smart-sense - ensures complete device compatibility
    • Hyper-charge - ultra-fast charging of devices
    • Power-stay - maintains battery power up to 1-year
    • Max-power - maximum power transfer from power bank to device
    • High-density battery - smallest and lightest power bank
    • Safe-cell - highest level of battery safety
    • Rapid-recharge - power bank recharges faster than competitors
    • Pass-through charging - charge the power bank and connected device simultaneously
    • Four light LED battery indicator with push button
    • 2.4A Micro USB input
    • Two 2.4A USB-A outputs
    • Built-in 21000mAh rechargeable battery
    • Dimensions: 2.6L x 0.92W x 6.81H
    • Includes micro USB to USB-A recharge cable

    Return Policy

    This item can be returned within 30 days after receiving your item.