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  • Pure Komachi 2 9-Piece Set

    SKU: KK-ABS0900

    Pure Komachi 2 9-Piece Set

    SKU: KK-ABS0900
    • $147.00

    Product Description

    Brighten up you kitchen with the Pure Komachi 2 9-Piece Block Set. This kitchen knife set comes with Pure Komachi 2 most wanted pieces: 4" Citrus Knife, 4" Tomato Knife, 8" Bread Knife, 8" Chef's Knife, 6.5" Hollow Ground Santoku Knife, 6" Multi-Utility Knife, 5.75" Sandwich Knife, and 3.5" Paring Knife. These multi-colored knives shine through the clear, acrylic block, so you will be able to enjoy your cutlery collectioneven when you are not cooking. The open air designed block helps guard against bacteria growth.

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