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  • Profile Nvg Goggles

    SKU: ESS-740-0499
    Profile Nvg Goggles
    Profile Nvg Goggles
    Profile Nvg Goggles

    Profile Nvg Goggles

    SKU: ESS-740-0499
    • $100.00

    Product Description

    Battle tested in the most demanding theaters, the ESS Profile NVG is the only authorized goggle issued by the U.S. Marine Corps. It is also issued by the U.S. Army, the U.S. Air Force, many NATO governments.

    ESS' flagship goggle, the patented Profile NVG is a compact military/tactical goggle system with no compromises.

    Created with direction from elite U.S. Special Forces groups, and more widely used than any other military/tactical in the world, it has all the advantages of a low-profile, night-vision-compatible frame without sacrifices in dust filtration, field of view, impact protection, or anti-fog performance.

    The extra-thick, 2.8mm polycarbonate lenses offer maximum impact protection and 100% UVA/UVB filtration. ESS's advanced ClearZone FlowCoat lens treatments provide the optimal combination of anti-scratch coatings on the outside of the lenses and anti-fog coatings on the inside.

    The Profile NVG has a full-perimeter ventilation and filtration system that minimizes lens fogging and filters airborne particles, dust, and splashes:

    The patented Outrigger Strap System positions the strap for optimal compatibility with helmets.

    The Profile NVG is compatible with the UPLC Rx insert, ESSU-Rx and P-2B Rx Inserts.


    Only Clear & Smoke Gray lenses are authorized for use in the U.S. Military.

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