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  • Power Plate DualSphere

    SKU: POPL-62PG-900-16
    Power Plate DualSphere

    Power Plate DualSphere

    SKU: POPL-62PG-900-16
    • $99.99

    Product Description

    The Power Plate DualSphere is perfect for effective, concentrated massage.

    Featuring a unique contoured shape and exclusive textured design, the DualSphere is ideal for targeting hard to reach areas including feet, neck and back to help relax and rejuvenate tight and sore muscles, release fascia and promote blood flow to help you warm-up faster and recover more quickly.

    Weighing in at under 2lbs with a 3 hour battery life, the Power Plate DualSphere is the perfect portable recovery tool for tough-to-reach spots other massage rollers can't reach.

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