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  • Pargo Sunglasses

    SKU: 06S9086 90860361
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    Pargo Sunglasses

    SKU: 06S9086 90860361
    • $229.00

    Product Description

    Made of 97% to 100% recycled fishing nets, our Untangled collection of sustainable frames includes Core Performance and Beach Lifestyle options that are as good for fishing as they are for the ocean.

    Pargo is the little brother to Santiago, but it doesn’t need any help when it comes to fighting fish. Also called the Dog Snapper for their giant canine teeth and nasty attitude, Pargo rules the reefs.

    This frame is made from 97% recycled fishing nets with 3% performance additive for increased durability and performance on the water. With hooding and side shields, keeper-ready temples and Hydrolite® rubber, Pargo shows it’s not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the angler hooked up to the Dog Snapper.


    1. Frame Width: 128.6 mm
    2. Bridge Width: 17 mm
    3. Lens Width: mm
    4. Lens Height: mm
    5. Temple Arm Length: 130 mm

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