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  • Aggressor Parka

    SKU: 48032-120-L
    Aggressor Parka
    Aggressor Parka

    Aggressor Parka

    SKU: 48032-120-L
    • $249.99

    Product Description

    When bad weather strikes, it might make you wish you had a Star Trek-like device that would produce a personal weather-resistant force field. This ~5.11 Tactical Aggressor Parka isn't quite that advanced, but it is the next best thing to 23rd century technology.

    Khaki brown (with black accents on the zippers and inside the hood), this full-coverage parka gives you the all-over protection you need and the good-looking style you want. The outer shell is made with woven nylon, a lightweight, abrasion-resisting material that can stand the test of severe weather.

    Inside, the soft fleece liner holds in warmth and keeps out weather, color-matched to the outer shell for style. You can even wear this liner by itself, a lightweight jacket that will resist rain and damp. The lightweight, durable material used in both the outer shell and inner liner is part of 5.11 Tactical's high performance waterproof/breathable system that holds water out, but still allows your body to stay cool and airy.

    5.11's Back Up Belt System is compatible with this 5.11 Tactical Aggressor Parka as well, so you can have it all - even in bad weather. We can't transport ourselves at the touch of a button, but that doesn't mean we have to suffer the weather.


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