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  • Magnum Whey Protein

    SKU: MTNO-1024
    Magnum Whey Protein
    Magnum Whey Protein

    Magnum Whey Protein

    SKU: MTNO-1024
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    Product Description

    MAGNUM is the perfect whey protein blend for you to get fit and stay fit. MAGNUM Whey Protein feeds muscle, fills you up and helps fuel the growth of lean muscle - cold processed to increase absorption and maximize results. This delicious blend of proteins, minerals, low glycemic and natural sweetness combine to produce the results you want while getting you the nutrition you need.

    SERVING SIZE: Vanilla 28.5g / Chocolate 31 g ( 1 Level Scoop)



    We believe that hard works deserves to be rewarded. You put in the early mornings, the late nights and sacrifice your personal time to keep yourself healthy and strong. Each scoop of MAGNUM is loaded with 23g of cold processed whey protein to help flood your muscles and increase absorption while promoting lean muscle growth. In addition to a heaping amount of protein, each scoop of MAGNUM adds 5g of BCAAs and 1.5g or L-Glutamine to aid in post workout recovery and soreness. Scoop into MAGNUM to experience the difference today.

    • Muscle Build (23G of Protein)

    • Muscle Recovery (1.5G of Glutamine)

    • Increased Strength

    • Amazing Taste

    • Promotes Lean Muscle Growth

    • Improve overall Health and Wellness

    • 23G of protein per serving


    Mix 1 serving (1 scoop) of MTN OPS MAGNUM with 10-16 oz of water or milk. Drink 1-2 servings per day. For best results with muscle recovery and muscle build take 1 serving immediately following your workout or physical activity. We also recommend taking MTN OPS MAGNUM 30 minutes prior to going to sleep at night to help protect the muscle building

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