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  • M4 Flat Top (Sliding Stock) w/ 2 Magazines

    SKU: ASP-7426

    M4 Flat Top (Sliding Stock) w/ 2 Magazines

    SKU: ASP-7426
    • $379.00

    Product Description

    The use of real weapons during training has resulted in far too many law enforcement students and instructors being seriously injured with ''unloaded'' firearms and ''safe'' knives. ASP Red Guns provide realistic but 100% safe training replicas of actual law enforcement equipment. Red Guns are lightweight and forgiving in the training environment, with the durability required for continuous hard use. They?ÇÖre precisely molded from the original weapons for exact visual and tactile familiarity, as well as perfect holster fit. The distinctive, molded-in color readily identifies them as safe?Ç¥ to the public and in the training environment. This latest generation?ÇöEnhanced Red Guns?Çöhave all the safety benefits of the iconic originals, with the addition of functioning magazine releases and removable magazines. This allows for realistic reload and manipulation drills, with zero risk. Like the standard models, the new drop-mag models feature our proprietary, virtually-indestructible polymer formulation, with internal steel reinforcement.

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