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  • M21 Reflex Sight Polarizer Kit

    SKU: MEP-5626090000

    M21 Reflex Sight Polarizer Kit

    SKU: MEP-5626090000
    • $65.99

    Product Description

    Step up your aim game by equipping the Meprolight M21 Polarizer Kit M21 PFK.

    These Red Dot Sight Accessories crafted by Meprolight sharpen your aiming point to allow more precise and quicker target acquisition under a wider range of lighting conditions.

    You may be asking how this device can upgrade your current optic. Well, it acts as a polarizing filter - organizing light waves in a manner that creates a more vivid image while looking down your sights.

    Additionally, the Meprolight Polarize + Flash Guard Kit protects the lens from getting scratched to preserve the quality of your sight. Reducing glare and clarifying your sight makes a massive difference in your overall accuracy and shooting experience.

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