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  • Inshore Spinning Rod

    SKU: TF511M-XFS

    Inshore Spinning Rod

    SKU: TF511M-XFS
    • $138.00

    Product Description

    Rod building is an art form & these rods are a damn Da Vinci

    Your new go to rods for light tackle inshore. These versatile rods feature responsive tip sections that are fast enough to feel every bump but not too fast where you pull hooks. They are powerful lightweight rods that load beautifully with consistent bends throughout. They are also built to last with rugged salt-proof components and a revolutionary ergonomic handle that won't chip, tear, or weather.

    15 Years in the Making

    Rod building started as a hobby born out of a passion for fishing. It grew into a 10 year career designing rods for some of the world's largest manufacturers. Starting Toadfish allowed us to break free from any traditional notion of what rods should be and what the market will accept. By eliminating cork, in-hand comfort is no longer limited to what can be sculpted on a lathe. The result is a rod that truly feels like an extension of your arm. The blanks are designed from thousands upon thousands of casts, tweaking the tapers and the balance for unparalleled inshore performance.

    Give Back

    Each rod cleans our coastal waters planting 10sq. ft of new oyster beds.#putemback.

    • The only rod that cleans our coastal waters 10sq. ft at a time.

    • Salt-tough ergonomic handle feels like an extension of your hand.

    • Soft-touch rubber handle inlays provide exceptional grip and unparalleled comfort.

    • Hidden hook safe keeper hides a single hook inside the handle to keep dogs or best friends from getting snagged.

    • The most dialed in inshore actions on the market, lightweight, fast, and sensitive.

    • Kigan 3D stainless steel guides

    • 3-year warranty with product registration

    • Does not come with Reel

    5’11’’ Medium X-Fast Spinning

    The world’s first sheephead specific rod. After years of fishing pilings and nearshore wrecks with insufficient tools, Toadfish designed the perfect rod to trick even the cleverest of convicts. Its short length allows you to maneuver in tight spaces and its crisp, powerful backbone keeps fish from wrapping up and popping off. If you love to fish for sheephead as much as we do, this rod will change your world.

    6’8’’ Medium Light Fast Spinning

    Your new go to rod for light tackle inshore. This versatile rod features a responsive tip section that is fast enough to feel every bump, but not too fast where you pull hooks. The rod loads beautifully with a consistent bend throughout and is a joy to fish. Effortlessly launch jig heads with your favorite soft plastic or toss a popping cork with lightweight baits with ease.

    6’8’’ Medium X-Fast Spinning

    This rod is flat out fun to fish. It’s the perfect length and action for working a variety of baits including walking the dog with your favorite topwater lure. At the same time, it packs the power needed to handle most inshore species with enough give to really enjoy the fight. It is designed to fish braided line, and the Kigan guide train delivers exceptional casting distance.

    7’2’’ Medium X-Fast Spinning

    Your classic 7 footer just got a little boost. This rod gives you over 10 extra feet in casting distance, and provides more fish fighting control around the boat or yak. It also features an extremely sensitive tip to feel every bump and effortlessly bury the hook.

    7’2’’ Medium Heavy Fast Spinning

    This is an extremely powerful rod. It’s built for record chasers, jetti junkies, and those that know that big baits product big fish. It is fast enough to feel everything but slow enough to allow anglers to fish circle hooks and live bait. This rod also works great for your favorite soft plastic jerk bait or swim bait.

    7’4’’ Medium Light X-Fast Spinning

    Your new go-to rod for fishing popping corks. It has the perfect tip for longer casts with that “trout give” you need to land more fish. You can also fish light jig heads on the bottom and feel even the subtlest of bites. With this rod by your side, your friends will be stunned by how often you out fish them.

    7’6’’ Medium Heavy Fast Spinning

    Birds are diving, and your heart is racing. This stick will make the cast, and help throttle the beast. The fish of a lifetime barrels back towards the mangroves, and this stick will turn that toad. Give yourself the chance to tell that story, we already know you have the imagination to add the extra pounds.


    TF511M-XFS 5'11 Medium X-Fast 10-30 1/4-1
    TF68ML-FS 6'8 Medium Light Fast 6-15 1/8-5/8
    TF68M-XFS 6'8 Medium X-Fast 8-20 1/8-3/4
    TF72M-XFS 7'2 Medium X-Fast 8-20 1/8-3/4
    TF72MH-FS 7'2 Medium Heavy Fast 10-30 1/4-1
    TF74ML-XFS 7'4 Medium Light X-Fast 6-15 1/8-5/8
    TF76MH-FS 7'6 Medium Heavy Fast 10-50 1/4-1


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