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  • Individual First Aid Pouch

    SKU: MXP-0329B

    Individual First Aid Pouch

    SKU: MXP-0329B
    • $35.99

    Product Detail

    The Individual First Aid Pouch from Maxpedition is the ultra-tough and resilient go-to case of America's elite fighting forces and survival experts the world over. Featuring a ruggedized construction with an acute attention to detail, the pouch boasts the unrelenting strength needed to handle the most unforgiving environments possible. With its clam-shell style main compartment and high strength zippers, the case is convenient to open regardless if it is wet, dry or covered in sand. Once opened, internal mesh and clear plastic organizers provide users with total item visibility and organization. No more blindly fumbling through a packed kit searching for gauze or bandages, Maxpedition's pouch keeps everything right in plain view. All the seams are double stitched and reinforced at key stress points to ensure the case stays in one piece and nothing falls out.

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