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  • Heather Bench Seat Cover

    SKU: KURG-K01600
    Heather Bench Seat Cover Nutmeg
    Heather Bench Seat Cover Charcoal

    Heather Bench Seat Cover

    SKU: KURG-K01600
    • $64.99

    Product Detail

    • Stylish heather pattern seat cover protects your cars interior from muddy paws
    • Waterproof and stain resistant
    • Under seat and rear attachments help keep the seat cover in place
    • Piped edges keep dirt and water from rolling off the cover onto the floor
    • Rigid plastic tubes attach to the underside of the cover
    • Tuck the tube into the crevice of the back seat to help secure the cover to the seat
    • Hook and loop openings allow use of seat belts pet restraints and child car seat latches
    • Will not interfere with many side air bags (check with the vehicles manufacturer)
    • Two large pockets for extra storage
    • 55" Wide provides a universal fit for most vehicles
    • May not fit into large trucks or SUVs
    • Machine washable hang dry

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    This item can be returned within 30 days after receiving your item.