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  • Hardpoint M1 + MD Carabiner Mount

    SKU: 56642-134-1SZ

    Hardpoint M1 + MD Carabiner Mount

    SKU: 56642-134-1SZ
    • $8.00

    Product Description

    Introducing our latest addition to the Hardpoint Carabiner family. The combination of the M1 and MD is the easiest way to connect and the fastest way to deploysmall accessories to the MOLLE webbing on tactical packs, pouches, and load-bearing vests. It's also designed to work with HEXGRID or laser cut platforms. Constructed from stainless steel, the Hardpoint features gimped edges for a superior grip. Install the Hardpoint MD directly to your mounting platform, then hook the M1 carabiner to the bottom opening of the MD. That's it. You're done. You can also use the M1+MD to tether other gear to your pack with paracord or other line. Get more out of your MOLLE, HEXGRID, or laser cut gear with the Hardpoint M1+MD.

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