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  • Halo Belt Holster HLO248B

    SKU: GAL-HLO248B

    Halo Belt Holster HLO248B

    SKU: GAL-HLO248B
    • $124.00

    Product Description

    Take back the night with Galco's Halo! Designed to comfortably carry a pistol equipped with a weaponlight, the Halo remains compact enough for realistic concealment of a light-equipped pistol. Most real-world use of pistols - whether by law enforcement officers or lawfully armed citizens - occurs in hours of low light. Plainclothes officers and civilians who prefer to equip their pistols with a weaponlight need a holster that is compact enough to conceal, yet fast and fumble-free to draw. Enter the Halo. The Halo's vertical orientation allows a smooth draw without cocking the wrist, while its thumb-break retention strap combines positive control of the pistol with a fast and efficient draw. Riding high and close to the body, the Halo also offers excellent concealment of the large pistols that are typically equipped with weaponlights.
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