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  • Gillz Mask

    Gillz Mask
    Gillz Mask
    Gillz Mask
    Gillz Mask

    Gillz Mask

    • $24.99

    Product Description

    If you are a serious angler, you need our GillzMask. They are a versatile fishing face mask that can be worn in various ways to meet your specific needs. Wear it around your neck to stop buff burn. Convert it to a headband to keep the sweat off of your face. When the rain gets rough, the sun is burning, or the bugs are unforgiving, turn your GillzMask into a full-face mask for complete protection.

    No more sweating through masks or headbands as our patent-pending GillzVents fabric is super cooling with moisture-wicking technology. It directs the air from your neck down to keep you cool and also avoid sunglasses fog. Instead of constantly reapplying sunscreen and inevitably forgetting, when the sun is at full force, our UPF 50+ fabric has unmatched sun protection. Not only will the mask help you battle the elements, but the GillzTec fabric is also anti-static as well as stain-resistant to keep fish oils and blood from ruining the material. Don’t worry; it is also completely machine washable.

    The special features of our GillzMask include:

    • GillzVents to keep you cool

    • Air ventilation to decrease sunglasses fog

    • Versatile style for your comfort and to eliminate buff burn

    • Moisture Wicking GillzTec fabric to keep you dry when the rain is heavy or the surf is rough

    • Stain-resistant fabric for long-term wear

    • Machine washable fabric

    • One Size Fits All

    Please note: Masks are non-returnable due to health concerns.

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    This item can be returned within 30 days after receiving your item.