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  • Exo Case, for Chain/Hinge Cuffs

    SKU: ASP-56130

    Exo Case, for Chain/Hinge Cuffs

    SKU: ASP-56130
    • $37.00

    Product Description

    The Exo Case is a sleek, lightweight, rapid-access carrier, custom-designed for ASP?ÇÖs revolutionary Ultra Cuffs. It gets its name from a lightweight, exoskeleton-like design that adds virtually no bulk, and has no covers, flaps or straps to get in the way. To deploy handcuffs, simply release the slide lock and remove the restraints?Çöto replace, just seat the bottom of the cuffs into the rubber-cushioned and noise-dampened recess, and re-engage the slide lock. The case includes two different floor pads?Çöone for ASP Chain Ultra Cuffs and one for Hinge Ultra Cuffs. Simply press the selected floor pad into place for the cuffs you?ÇÖre carrying.

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