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  • Elastic BootLock Ankle Holster GG-B416-2

    SKU: GG-B416-2

    Elastic BootLock Ankle Holster GG-B416-2

    SKU: GG-B416-2
    • $69.49

    Product Description

    The Gould & Goodrich B416 Elastic BootLock Ankle Holster is an innovative weapon portability option that attaches securely to your boot. Simply fasten it into place by threading the boot laces through the holster wrap. This unique attachment option means that the weight of the weapon is supported by your footwear, taking the load off your ankle for improved comfort and fatigue reduction. It also allows it to be set at different heights and angles to suit your individual draw style. Complete the attachment by fastening the adjustable hook and loop strap. An adjustable thumb break makes it compatible with different sizes of weapon, and allows rapid access to your firearm when necessary.
  • Beretta Cougar
  • Glock 26
  • Glock 27
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