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  • EDT Hex

    SKU: 56672-988-1SZ

    EDT Hex

    SKU: 56672-988-1SZ
    • $18.00

    Product Description

    All gearheads face the same problems. Bolts and screws always work loose at the worst possible times and the right tools are never accessible. Respond with a 5.11 EDT Hex, which comes with four tip fastening options in a compact keychain carry form factor. Use the Phillips and slotted screwdriver tips for all those every day tasks, then deploy the T6 and T8 Torx heads, ideal for knife tune ups, optics, and electronic devices. The two headed bits are secured in place with ball detent feature, while the spare bit is stored in the center holder. Includes a split ring and micro Hardpoint carabiner for connection options.

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