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  • Eddyline Sunglasses

    SKU: 184922524
    Eddyline Sunglasses

    Eddyline Sunglasses

    SKU: 184922524
    • $129.00

    Product Description

    The most innovative and advanced polarized lens on the market. N3 lenses block up to 4X more infrared light than regular polarized lenses, pass Z87.1 testing, provide UV protection up to 400nm, and by significantly reducing blue light and selectively filtering UV, they deliver high contrast, crisp definition, and peak visual acuity

    On the river, an eddy line is the dividing line between intermittent areas of slower upstream flow and the faster-moving downstream current. Just as its namesake suggests, the Eddyline sits at the convergence of performance and lifestyle. Superior color and contrast-enhancing optics help you spot obstacles, while our patented Cushinol technology ensures they stay snug on your face through rough terrain.

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