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  • Dash Cam 47 Dash Cam

    SKU: 010-02505-00

    Dash Cam 47 Dash Cam

    SKU: 010-02505-00
    • $169.99

    Product Description

    Featuring a wide 140-degree field of view that captures and saves important details in 1080p HD video, the compact, voice-controlled Garmin Dash Cam 47 has you covered.
    • Capture the critical details. Record 1080p HD video with a 140-degree field of view.
    • Because details matter, built-in GPS shows when and where events occur.
    • Voice control makes everything easier with hands-free spoken commands.
    • Use Live View monitoring to check on your car remotely.
    • Parking Guard feature alerts you to incidents affecting your parked vehicle.
    • A little added awareness never hurts. Driver alerts1 look out for you.

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