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  • CampStove 2 with FlexLight

    SKU: BIOL-CSC1001

    CampStove 2 with FlexLight

    SKU: BIOL-CSC1001
    • $149.95

    Product Detail

    The award-winning BioLite CampStove's latest upgrade features 50% more power an integrated battery and an updated LED dashboard for improved control and feedback. Burning only wood the CampStove 2's fan creates a smokeless fire that can cook meals and boil water in minutes while turning its heat into usable electricity.

    • 50% More power than the original CampStove for a more seamless charging experience
    • Turn fire into electricity - create 3 watts of electricity from the heat of your fire
    • Charge devices in real-time or store for later use with onboard 2600mAh battery
    • Biolite patented combustion technology burns off smoke for a smokeless flame
    • Internal Fan Jets - 4 fan speed settings circulate air for improved flame and efficiency
    • Smart LED Dashboard - real time feedback on fire strength power output and fan speed settings
    • Uses twigs pinecones and other biomass along the trail to fuel the fire
    • Easily use to cook meals boil water and more
    • FlexLight features 100 lumens
    • Use the Flexlight to illuminate your CampStove via USB port
    • Boil time: 4.5 minutes for 1-liter
    • Lightweight foldable aluminum legs
    • Honeycomb heat mesh provides a protective barrier
    • Scalloped pot stand accommodates other BioLite cooking tools
    • Micro USB charge-in and USB charge out
    • Pack dimensions: 5 x 7.91
    • 1-Year manufacturer limited warranty
    • Includes:
      • CampStove 2
      • FlexLight
      • Stuff Sack
      • Firestarter
      • USB Cord

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