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  • CampStove 2 Bundle - KettlePot Grill Flexlight

    SKU: BIOL-CSX2001

    CampStove 2 Bundle - KettlePot Grill Flexlight

    SKU: BIOL-CSX2001
    • $229.95

    Product Detail

    • Grill boil cook and charge with the fully integrated CampStove 2 system
    • Turn fire into electricity and charge devices in real-time
    • Onboard 2600mAh battery powered by smokeless fire produced by CampStvove 2
    • Portable grill is multi-functional and creates full meals while out in the wild
    • KettlePot easily boils water warms soups and more
    • FlexLight is a portable and pliable USB gooseneck light
    • Use found fuel such as sticks twigs pinecones and other biomass
    • Smart LED dashboard for real-time feedback on fire strength power outage and fan settings
    • USB Charge outputs 50% more power than the original CampStove
    • Up to four fans speeds for more fire control
    • Portable grill holds up to 4 burgers or 6 hot dogs
    • KettlePot features a silicone seal to keep contents secure
    • Vertical cool touch handles
    • Lightweight aluminum legs
    • Fuel intake lid doubles as refueling source and chimney
    • CampStove 2 conveniently nests inside the KettlePot for compact storage
    • Power output: 3 Watts peak 2A USB output
    • Flexlight outputs 100 lumens
    • Includes:
      • Stuff sack
      • CampStove 2
      • FlexLight
      • Firelighter
      • KettlePot with stuff sack
      • Portable Grill with cover

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