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  • Aspire Thin Silicone Ring

    SKU: R8-108-05
    Aspire Thin Silicone Ring
    Aspire Thin Silicone Ring

    Aspire Thin Silicone Ring

    SKU: R8-108-05
    • $34.95

    Product Description

    Introducing our highly anticipated Groove Aspire Ring. Classic and on-trend, our Leopard print design will set you apart from the crowd. Have some fun and pair with any of our Groove Satin rings to tie in your own style.

    Our cutting-edge Groove technology is designed to allow breathability and comfort on a whole new level. Our medical grade elastomer blend provides maximum durability while allowing flexibility that you can't find anywhere else. This ring is the perfect, bold addition for women looking to make a statement with their wedding band.

    When you first wear this ring it will feel stiff. No worries. These rings have a break-in-period and will soften after a week of wear.


    • Breathable Design
    • Lifetime Warranty
    • Medical Grade Silicone
    • Width: 8mm or 5/16"
    • Thickness: 2mm or 3/32"
    • Patent Pending


      The silicone ring is not just comfortable, it's safe in every way.

      Silicone is pretty much amazing as a consumer product. From baby nipples to medical supplies to spatulas, silicone is everywhere. We use it daily but most don’t understand all of the benefits. Below is a shortlist of some of the major benefits.

      • Heat Resistant - 500 degrees before it melts
      • Hypoallergenic - Won’t absorb germs or bacteria
      • Stretchable - Flexes under pressure which saves your finger from damage
      • Non-Conductive - won't electrocute you
      • Cost-effective - 1/10th of the price of normal metal bands
      • Easily moldable and engraved - customizable

        Heat resistance is one of the major qualities of this silicone. When wearing a silicone wedding ring the last thing you want is for your ring to melt onto your finger which would cause extreme pain and misery. Silicone has a melting point of over 500 degrees F. This means your hand would be long gone before the ring actually melted :)...sorry for the mental picture there.


        Silicone rings are worn by old and young, all races, and nations for many reasons. From artists to military to professional sports to outdoorsmen to soccer moms. Even contestants from America Ninja Warrior wear our rings.

        Some you have heard of most you haven't but no matter how you slice it these wedding rings are taking over the jewelry industry.

        Below are just a few people who wear silicone wedding rings.

        NFL Quarterback Philip Rivers, Mercy Me lead singer Millard, Country musics Jason Aldean, Mossy Oak's Toxey Haas, President of Weatherby Arms Adam Weatherby, Singer Carrie Underwood, Olympian Sara Haskins, Triathlete Iron Cowboy, & America Ninja Warriors Lance Pekus.


        Groove Ring is the world's first breathable active ring that is not only super comfortable but functional. Born from need, GROOVE raises the bar on traditional silicone, activewear rings with its flexible material, patent-pending, inner breathable design, and beautiful colors.

        Groove is the active, silicone ring designed for you—the athlete, the adventurer, the professional, the trend-setter. It begs to be worn, shown and tested every day no matter what the circumstance. Groove is for the married and non-married alike who want to make a lifestyle statement.


        • Flexible but tough as hell
        • Breathable Silicone Grooves Keep You Dry
        • So freakin' comfortable you won't know it's there. Guaranteed
        • Customizations that look DAAANG good
        • No Bull S#!+ Warranty--Break It, Tear It or Lose it
        • Groove Gives Back to heroes and kids


          IMPORTANT: Groove is designed to be worn snug to your finger, even if you know your size please re-measure. If you are half size we recommend sizing down. For silicone ring sizing accuracy page MUST be printed @ 100% on your printer settings. Click here to print sizing chart

          Sizing Your Ring Using Your Desktop Computer (Printer Required)

          Sizing Your Ring Using Your Phone (Ring Required)

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