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  • Artisan Bread & Dough Maker Black & Stainless Steel

    SKU: HAMI-29885

    Artisan Bread & Dough Maker Black & Stainless Steel

    SKU: HAMI-29885
    • $99.99

    Product Description

    • Homemade bread made easy. Makes white wheat French gluten-free artisan bread & more
    • 14 programmed cycles:
    • 3 Easy steps: add ingredients select cycle press start
    • 3 Crust shade settings: Light medium dark
    • 3 Loaf sizes: 1lb 1.5lbs 2lbs
    • Automatic keep warm after cooking
    • Countdown cook timer
    • LCD Display
    • Delay timer allows you to add ingredients and bake later
    • Dishwasher safe non-stick bread pan & paddle
    • Brushed stainless steel exterior
    • Includes: measuring cup and spoon
    • Kneading paddle and removing tool
    • 14 programmed cycles:
      • Basic: For white & mixed breads made with bread flour
      • French: For light bread made from fine flour
      • Gluten-Free: Use with gluten-free flours and bread mixes
      • Whole-Grain: For breads with a heavy flour such as whole wheat or rye
      • Express 1.5lb: For a 1.5 lb loaf in 1 hour 20 minutes using quick-rising yeast
      • Express 2lb: Same as 1.5 Express but takes 1 hour 55 minutes and yields a 2 lb.loaf
      • Quick: For recipes that do not use yeast
      • Sweet: For breads with fruit juices and pieces chocolate or added sugar
      • Dough: Prepare a variety of yeast doughs such as buns pizza crusts etc. to be baked in a conventional oven
      • Cake: For kneading rising and baking with the aid of soda or baking powder
      • Jam: Make jams with fresh fruit
      • Rise: Use for rising doughs or speed method for frozen bread dough
      • Bake: Use for baking dough after rising or when breads need more baking time
      • Artisan: A long cool rise to develop flavors and texture for doughs to be baked in a conventional oven

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