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  • Accu-Punch Hammer & AR15 Pin Punch Set


    Accu-Punch Hammer & AR15 Pin Punch Set

    • $39.99

    Product Description

    Gunsmithing hammers and punches are core tools needed to modify or disassemble firearms. Most sets available today are generic repurposed hardware sets. Accu-Punch Hammer & Punch sets are designed from the ground up to work better on guns. The hammer features an ergonomic grip and perfectly balanced weight to give both precise control for tapping tiny pins and optimal force for those that need a little persuasion?é¼. Our punches are made of hardened steel with a nickle-plating to resist corrosion as well as hex-shaped handles and rubber O-rings for precise control. Our proprietary Pin Alignment Tool makes aligning and starting tiny pins both easy and accurate. These professional grade gunsmithing sets are organized in an uber-tough stand-up case.

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