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  • AA Mini Mag Accessory Pack

    SKU: MAGL-AM2A016

    AA Mini Mag Accessory Pack

    SKU: MAGL-AM2A016
    • $7.65

    Product Description

    • Red or blue lenses are used to help maintain night vision Wrist lanyard and pocket clip
    • The Mini Maglite 2AA Accessory Pack from Mag-Lite adds to the usability and versatility of your Mini Mag by providing three filters, an anti-roll filter holder, a wrist lanyard and a pocket clip. The red and blue filters are useful for protecting night-adapted vision, while the clear filter protects the lens window from scratches, dirt and any other substance that can damage or block the window. The hexagonal filter holder has large flat surfaces to prevent rolling when the light is lying on its side. A lanyard and pocket clip adds carrying options.

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