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  • 950lb Technora Cord

    SKU: 5IVE-TSP-5082000

    950lb Technora Cord

    SKU: 5IVE-TSP-5082000
    • $27.95

    Product Description

    This Technora Survival Cord is the beefier big brother of our 450LB survival cord. Made from woven Technora, it has an amazing breaking strength of over 950 lbs. and has a PTFE coating for protection from the elements. Technora offers very high strength, low stretch, and abrasion-resistant material. Additionally, it's coated with PTFE which provides both increased abrasion resistance and UV inhibition. This unique cord was originally developed for a US government agency to tether some sort of top secret airborne surveillance system. It is the strongest cord in the smallest package that will hold knots. This is a must-have for any survival kit.

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