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  • 5.0 H2O Mk-9

    SKU: SBR-SR-96H2O60

    5.0 H2O Mk-9

    SKU: SBR-SR-96H2O60
    • $50.00

    Product Description

    The Sabre 5.0 H2O Series is a powerful personal defense spray based on an innovative formula. It is primarily composed of distilled water, making it non-flammable and allowing you to use it alongside electronic discharge weapons for crowd control and other applications where less-lethal force is required. Despite the high water content, the nitrogen propellant ensures that it wll not freeze in cold conditions, and it also decontaminates more quickly than traditional sprays. The spray contains five percent oleoresin capsicum and 0.67 percent major capsaicinoids and comes in a choice of spray and foam formulations. The foam sticks to and covers a target's face to effectively blind them, while the stream spray allows accurate longer-range targeting.

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